About Us

Jumble Station was founded by Mary Anne Tan, Sanice Kam, and Lim Lian See in 2007. They saw how socioeconomically disadvantaged single parents faced various struggles attending to their families’ everyday needs, and wanted to help these families get back on their feet.

With their collective experience in running jumble sales, the three social entrepreneurs saw a means of helping disadvantaged single parents overcome daily struggles to better provide for their families. Thus Parents Without Partners and Jumble Station were born.

For over a decade, Jumble Station has been operating as a localised retailer in the Klang Valley. Today, we aim to expand our offerings and reach out to more shoppers across Malaysia with our new e-store.

We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping at this brand new Jumble Station e-store – set up as part of a collaboration between Parents Without Partners and Maxis eCommerce, and launched in conjunction with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2018.

Who We Are

Jumble Station is a community outreach initiative of Parents Without Partners, a non-profit organisation that raises funds to provide holistic assistance to single parents in need. Founded in 2007, Parents Without Partners is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to improving the welfare of economically disadvantaged single parents and legal guardians.

Standing from left: Lisa (Subang USJ1 Staff), Hamidah (Volunteer), Hafiz (Logistic), Zawati (Volunteer),
Suhaibah (Part Time Staff), Hani (Jaya One Staff), Dauyah (Volunteer)
Sitting from left: Jaya B (PWP Coordinator), Sanice Kam (PWP Co-Founder),
Lim Lian See (Co-Founder), Adrian Ong (Manager)


What We Believe In

Parents Without Partners aims to empower economically disadvantaged single parents and legal guardians to be financially independent, as well as provide an opportunity for them to enhance their personal growth and gain the self-confidence they need to become the best parent they can be for their children.


What We Do

In addition to funding its operations through the collection and resale of pre-owned household items, Jumble Station is a one-stop service touchpoint connecting economically disadvantaged single-parent families to various forms of support.

These range from social welfare services to monthly food packs and financial aid. We also host a volunteer-powered Reading Centre for young children from the surrounding community of our USJ 1 Head Office.

In 2018, Maxis collaborated with us to bring Jumble Station online. We look forward to leveraging our expanded online presence so that quality craft and products, produced by single parents in our community, can reach a bigger and more sustainable customer base.

PWP's Reading Station offers the space and opportunity for volunteers to share the love of reading with children from single-parent families or underprivileged neighbourhoods